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TOP LOOKS: Emmy Awards 2018

70th Primetime Emmy Awards 2018

Everyone loves television. Whether it be binging your favourite new show or catching up with your weekly fix, it is hard to resist. In my opinion it is something to be appreciated, a place to take your mind off your troubles and get some good old R'n'R. 
If you didn't know already, the Emmy's are the Academy Awards for television and in their own right deserve respect and recognition. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees.
Like every good award show, the Emmy's have a red carpet and a red carpet means the perfect excuse for high fashion. That said, here are my top looks for this years Emmy Awards.

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TOP LOOKS: Met Gala 2018

Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala 2018 Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination

The highly anticipated Met Gala has come and gone, bringing with it an array of draw dropping looks. Hosted by Amal Clooney, Rihanna, Donatella Versace, Anna Wintour,  Stephen and Christine Schwarzman,  there was no doubt it would be one of the most star studded events of the year. Tommy Hilfiger, Donatella Versace, Dianne Von F├╝rstenberg, Jeremy Scott and Vera Wang were just some of the fashion legends to grace the red carpet. 
A  mixture of my three life passions, art, fashion and spirituality, I was excited to see how designers would incorporate the Catholic influence. Head pieces, gloves, sequins, beading, tulle, floor length skirts, long trains and plunging necklines brought an over-the-top but modern elegance to the red carpet. This years gala was far from disappointing. 
The large collection of art and fashion is set to display current and medieval works dating back as far as the early twe…

Dear Future Self

Hey its 24 year old you here,

Life is hard. It's been one hell of a journey with bad health up to this point - allergies, asthma, epilepsy, sensitive skin (sensitive everything to be fair), cold, flus, sore throats, injuries and chronic fatigue. Do you remember always being called the sick kid through school? You probably don't want to think about those years though do you, they were never a breeze.

Over two years ago you were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and oh boy has it been a challenge. Do you still suffer from it? I hope there has been some breakthroughs by now. If not, I'm sorry for what you have gone through, I hope you have been taking care of yourself.

I wanted to write this letter in case you look back and wonder "what if " or try to blame yourself for not doing more.  Because here's the thing, you ALWAYS did whatever you could, always. The thing is some how it was never enough. I know you always had that strong feeling of doing something with your l…

Wealth - In a Manor of Speaking

This year for Easter my partner's friend invited a bunch of us out to a country estate she is house sitting. From the moment I arrived, the driveway, framed by trees, gave me a sense of magic and wonder. The home, built in the the early 1900's,  had a romantic, English-styled interior and exterior. It also included an infinity pool and tennis court, all situated on a generous piece of land. Even though grand in size, I felt welcomed with the familiar ambiance of warmth and cosiness, a feeling every home should have.

I'm the kind of person who doesn't need others around me but enjoys it none the less. The large space intimidating to some however captivated me. Every corner of the house a place to utilise; a possible area to create and explore. I could very easily see myself reading in one corner and painting in another. The large area meant we were able to comfortably sit together, all eleven of us playing board games before enjoying a drink and discussion. When we weren…